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Executive Coaching and Organizational development Consulting by Dr. Ted Sun


Our Vision:

Being a Transformative Change Leader enabling systemic shifts in thought around the world and leading humanity toward evolution from Within.

Organizational Value Statement:

The following are the top 10 organizational values for Executive Balance and its subsidiaries. These values guide ALL behaviors of our staff and those we engage with:

  1. Balance: Enhancing the balance of multiple intelligences: intellect/analytical intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual / systems intelligence and somatic intelligence. Maintaining a lifestyle that incorporates the balanced developments of all intelligences and passions.
  1. Growth: Constant learning through knowledge creation spiral: being challenged, applying newly gained knowledge and measuring all aspects of learning, conducting longitudinal research to continue growth internally. The best investment is the constant reinvention of self.
  1. Integrity: Doing what is promised at all times; BE what we teach; stay in congruence with all environments; being honest with self.
  1. Truth: Always be willing to share 100% of the truth; always be open to the truths of other people through respect and lack of any judgment. Deliver the truth in a way that moves people, especially when the truth is ugly. Consider that people may not be ready for that truth and allow the wisdom of the system to take them on their paths.
  1. Humanity: People are at the core of every event, organization or product/service. Value people and always focus on people as an ultimate purpose of life ?ating systemic change from within for human evolution.
  1. Passion: Consistently working towards what lights the fire inside, nothing less. Consciously chose every engagement.
  1. Systemic wisdom: Always seek to synthesize mental, spiritual and emotional energies with every decision, creating systemic changes.
  1. Innovation: Living without a box. Recreate every reality from an abundance and inspirational perspective.
  1. Empathy: Always seeking understanding on every event and situation. Never make a judgment that categorizes people. See people as potential of greatness that desire understanding.
  2. Loyalty: Cherishing relationships with people and supporting them through challenging times. Always finding ways to create harmony and peace, integrating honesty, trust and integrity with people.


About Executive Balance:

The philosophy of Executive Balance is simple: with every engagement, we do it with our Heart, Spirit, Mind and Body. In the world of business, most people give more time to their jobs then they do to anything else in their lifetime, aside from sleep. If one measures life in time, the majority of life is given to work. As business leaders, you are NOT just managing a project or a business; you are managing the majority of people's lives. With the amount of time they dedicate to you, you have the ability to touch them where no one else can - deep in their hearts. Whether you like it or not, you are m?anaging the hearts of your people; and education, family, and business leaders like yourself build the ground people walk on. As a business leader, you are a significant portion of that foundation.

At Executive Balance, the gift to touch another?s heart is taken more seriously than any project. Walking into any project, whether developing organizational leaders or academic institutions, commitment to the heart of the people involved is top priority, more than money or resources. Executive Balance shares the same commitment to the spirituality of people's heart. With it, the growth from within for each individual will lift the organization into the next era of organizational leadership and sustainable success.

In order to provide the best knowledge and services to you, we have three core businesses. The research intends to stay abreast of the latest trends and create new knowledge. The application that occurs in Executive Balance is designed to take the knowledge from research and make an impact on society in both all types of organizations from businesses to educational institutions. The seminars and workshops are the systemization of the knowledge and the transfer of knowledge to a greater group of learners who will reshape their organizations.

At Creative Innovations Enterprises: success is measured by the number of hearts touched and dreams achieved....

At Executive Balance: traditional success is not enough. Our clients demand greater abundance of success such as inner peace, leadership greatness, organizational achievements, and lasting legacies. We help top leaders develop their core skills as well as empowerment programs for their teams.

To Your Success and the Achievement of your dream,

President & Chief Dream Maker
Executive Balance


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