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Executive Coaching and Organizational development Consulting by Dr. Ted Sun


What is Corporate Wellness?

  • If you kept on getting cuts all over your body, would you be satisfied with putting band aids on these cuts with each occurrence?

Of course NOT!  You're much smarter than that... In order to systemically heal health issues within organizations, top organizational leaders seek the root cause that creates these cuts, well before too much blood is lost. Organizations are living organisms with the people as living and breathing cells. The structures and processes are like the blood that flows to connect the cells. Conventional Corporate Wellness functions at the surface that focuses on fixing the cuts with band aid approaches. For a maximum return on your investment, brilliant leaders have figured out that wellness has deeper issues that impacts multiple organizational performance indicators like overall profit margin, innovation level and stress levels.

Going beyond the surface, a Systemic Corporate Wellness Program yields the following proven results that can be scientifically quantified:

  • Decreased Health Care Costs - as opposed to rising costs year after year with band aid approaches
  • Enhanced Organizational Mentality - imagine a workplace where people are inspired to come to work; they take action based on the mentality of abundance and inspiration, rather than the typical fear and scarcity
  • Improved Productivity - the human resource is much more than a linear machine as prescribed by conventional resource management systems. Release the human potential of your people and "whole" brain thinking
  • Reduced Absenteeism and Sick leave - when you minimize many of the common issues that keep your people from working efficiently, like colds and head aches; a healthy workforce provides ample innovations as your people learn to be fully present

These are just a few of the countless benefits of your customized Systemic Corporate Wellness Program. Designed by a globally recognized organizational psychologists, leadership author/researchers and practitioners, learn how your organization can start leading, as opposed to reacting, to your organizational health.

Contact us to begin the systemic healing of your organization...

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