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Executive Coaching and Organizational development Consulting by Dr. Ted Sun

"I always walk away from your seminars feeling enlightened and empowered .The information is simple, the delivery is calm and quiet but the energy that you attach to it is profound!" Sheri T.

  • How would you like to feel more empowered, even in these economic times?
  • What would it feel like to be working less hours while making wiser and more strategic decisions all the time?
  • What type of legacy would you leave if you were to solve the many repeating problems in your company?

How's your organization performing with these trends? 
Even before the economic crisis, studies have found that organizations suffer from serious cancers such as spending over $300 billion each year on workplace stress related illness, increasing working hours by as much as 20%, and diminishing innovation from their employees. Whether you're a major corporation or a small business, these facts are the cancer that's diminishing profits.  You can't afford NOT to invest in your team. Building a strong leadership has proven to address these issues over and over again. 

With profound expertise in multiple fields like business, psychology and engineering, Dr. Sun has helped create countless successes for organizations and leaders in over 33 different countries.  So, why not you?

NBC, ABC, Columbus CEO, Business First, Inc. Magazine, LA Times, and many other organizations/leaders trust Dr. Sun's advice. Why not you...?

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Our executive development process is committed to the QUANTIFIABLE success of our clients. We will design customized growth plans with real results while creating the reality of personal mastery in your life through the continual knowledge creation in leadership.

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...helping you achieve greatness through balance.


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