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Archive of Past Articles

by Dr. Ted Sun

Spring, 2007 Professional Issues In Education

May, 2006 Are You as Smart as They Think? History behind IQ tests and how to interpret it.

April, 2006 IQ Assessments and cultural considerations: WAIS-III/WISC-III and Sanford-Binet (SB5)

February, 2006 So You Think You Can Lead: Understanding 3 myths about leadership

January, 2006 Dealing with Stress in Your Life: 5 ways to Avoid Rapid Aging

December, 2006 Your Abundance in 2006 - 3 ways to create the Future of your Choosing

November, 2005 Do You have Organizational Cancer at Your Work?

October, 2005 Redefine Learning -  5 ways to make every moment an empowering experience 

September, 2005 Invented Judgment - A Killer of Success

July, 2005 Winning May Not Be What You Want

March, 2005 Finding Your Inner Wisdom Through Self Discovery

February, 2005 5 Ways to Create Work Life Balance

January, 2005  How to Creative Effective New Year's Resolutions


Articles & Book Chapters:

 Sun, T., “Capturing innovations can bring successBusiness First, December, 2004

 Sun, T., “Logic vs. emotion: And the winner is?” Business First, October, 2004

 Sun, T., “Survival Tactics: 11 Top behaviors of successful entrepreneurs”, Greenwood-Praeger,  July 30, 2007.

 Sun., T., “Current trends of organizational cancer”. Institute for Transformative Thought and Learning, 2004.

Sun, T., Bovinet, T., & Atzberger, T. Ethics for the Soul of  Wall Street. Dryden Press, forthcoming, 2004.

 Sun, T., “Factors of Entrepreneurial Success” International Journal on Business and Economics, 2004.

 Sun, T., “Minimizing stress by addressing conflicts”, Business First, 2004.

 Sun, T., “Secretes of biz success”, Business First, 2003.

 Sun, T., “Success in Chaos”, Big Fish Networking, 2003.

 Sun, T., “The value of human beings” Big Fish Networking, 2003.

 Sun, T., “Reconstruct your organization’s culture” CPA Advocate, 2002.

 Sun, T., “Growing your business”, Big Fish Networking, 2003.


Features and Expert Discussants

 Johnson, L. K. “Real-Time Learning: How the Best Companies and Leaders Make It Happen”, Harvard Management Update, January, 2005

 McPeek, M., “New Year’s Resolutions 2005”, NBC, 2005

 McArthur, S., “Overturning turnover”, RCI Ventures, January-February, 2005

 McArthur, S., “Hiring right”, RCI Ventures, January-February, 2005

 N. L. T., “Peer Support Groups”, Entrepreneur Magazine, 2004

 Ortiz, P., “Freedom of speech or anti-immigrant? GM dealer in Arizona under fire”. Diversity Inc., 2004.

 “Training need not be draining”, Los Angeles Times, 2004

 Reyes, M., “What to watch for in the Presidential Debate of 2004 ”, ABC, 2004.

 Santana, J., “The Growing Need for Investments in the Continuous Development of IT Workers”, HR.com, 2004

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 Bent Findly, C., “Holistic Approach Goes Beyond the Office”,  Business First, 2003.

 McPeek, M. ,“Blackout of 2003”, NBC, 2003.

 McCain, C., “True Vacationing”, Business First, 2003.

 McCain, C., “Calm Amid Chaos”, Business First, 2003.

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